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Backup Programs: Trust me you need them

People tend to lose things. A lot. They lose their keys, they forget their addresses, and they lose their favorite gadgets. Forgetting and losing is a thing always associated with humanity. And it’s no different in the Information age. It may range from the password of your email account to the important files you just forgot to back up.

And it’s much easier to lose files on your computer than it is in real life. Files may just be forgotten or have rolled under the sofa in real life, but they can be lost forever in on your computer. Your computer might catch a virus, your files might get corrupted, someone might hack you- any number of these things might happen. That’s why you need to back up your data, in case of all these unforeseen occurrences.

You can back up your data at various places. This includes places like in a back up drive on your computer, but beware even these may be deleted in case of a system crash or a clean wipe for your drives. Best place to back up your data may be in an external hard drive but this also carries its own problems. External hard drives are infamously easy to damage- water, electricity, food, you name it-also they sometimes have compatibility problems with certain computers. That leaves the next best option: the Internet.

While the Internet is also a place to be wary in, one must consider that ‘cloud back up’, as it is now know, is possibly the safest option you have currently. Apple with their iCloud really brought it into the forefront but there are many other company which offer excellent services in return for good prices.

Why is cloud back up better you may ask? Well it’s affordable, for one. External hard drives are simply expensive to buy, especially for companies which may have to buy them in bulk and they don’t offer that much protection in exchange for the cost and hence is simply not feasible. You can access your back up literally anywhere because it’s on the internet and therefore your data is literally wherever you want it to be.

More importantly, it’s in a secure place where it is unlike to be touched by things which might destroy other storage devices like a natural disaster, such as flooding, or tornados etc. The data will be secure no matter what happens. Also most cloud backups happen automatically, you don’t have to spend time with them watching each file copy laboriously into the server as you would have to do with an external back up drive.

They save you time and money and are extremely convenient. Moreover, they are simple to operate and files on it can be easily restored. Many companies now offer backup systems such as Carbonite and of course Apple itself. Apart from them there’s also Back blaze and Norton, all of whom offer storage up to a certain period of time. Unlimited, if you can afford it.