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Forms of Data Backup

As you are probably more than aware, you need to be backing up your computer files and data, no matter how old or brand spankin new your computer may be. Any computer is capable of crashing, shutting off unexpectedly, and subject to power outages and actual disasters. Whether it is an extremely important presentation of project for your job, or personal photos and videos, you don’t want to lose any of those documents. Chances are when they are lost, they are lost forever, so you need to protect yourself with one of the various different forms of data backup.

What are my options?

You can always invest in an external hard drive. This is like a thumb drive, but hold exponentially much more data than any zip disk or thumb drive might. It is entirely separate from your computer’s drive, and you just simply plug it into your desktop or laptop with a USB drive, typically. You can back up your entire computer to these drives; you can even do it on multiple external drives, maybe putting specific types of files (music, video, photos, text, etc.) on each drive, thus saving space on each one as well.

You can also use a blank CD or a thumb drive to back up certain documents. Certain is used here because there is a limited amount of space on these forms of storage. So if it’s a specific project or a handful of photo files—documents that require less space, then this is also a good option for you.

What about online storage?

This is a form of data backup that people are catching onto rapidly. Through such programs like iCloud, people are starting to realize that storing your files on an internet based program is a very good way of doing it. There are other programs that do not require your ownership of an Apple product as well, making this option available to anybody.

This is especially a good option due to the fact that it is virtually an endless amount of storage at your disposal. Not to mention easy to get to; you don’t have to plug anything into your computer, you can just log in to a website to get to your files.

So whether you are more comfortable with physical hard drives or those that exist only on the internet, be sure to start backing up your data. Or hey, why not be extra safe and use both types!