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The Power of the Cloud

In recent years, “the cloud” seems to be the computer-related term du jour. Everyone who speaks about this mysterious cloud touts its importance and value, leaving the less savvy among us to wonder what the cloud is and what it can do for us. Here are a few definitions and explanations for your that will hopefully remove some of the mystery from the cloud.

The Cloud: A Definition

When you think of a physical cloud, you probably imagine a fluffy white puff of moisture floating across the sky. This image can be applied to the computing cloud to offer a sort of definition: like a cloud in the sky, the cloud in the world of computers cannot be held in one's hand, and it is constantly changing and in motion. The “cloud” is really another word for the internet, and it offers a non-tangible way to store and access data. The cloud is the opposite of a hard drive or a physical server. If you have access to the internet, then you can potentially access information in the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

If you have files of any type stored locally on a hard drive or dedicated server, then those files are only as good as the hardware which contains them. That means if your computer is stolen, damaged, or corrupted, then you can kiss your stored files goodbye. On the other hand, cloud storage offers the benefit of not being tied to a physical computing device, so files stored on the cloud are not subject to any damage that your computer sustains. Additionally, cloud storage frees up your computer memory for other tasks, making your device more efficient and effective.

Using the cloud is not as mysterious as it sounds, and it can be of great benefit when backing up your data. There are many companies that make the process simple and affordable, and a small fee may save you a great deal of money in case your computer becomes damaged. Businesses as well as individuals should consider using cloud-based backup services in order to keep their computers running in tip-top shape as well as to protect peace of mind.